Brand New Nuclear Imaging Capability at AICD

Associates in Cardiovascular Disease Offers Brand New, Top-of-Class Nuclear Imaging Capability

Springfield, NJ — November 13, 2014 — Associates in Cardiovascular Disease (AICD), an aligned practice with Atlantic Health System, is now one of only three facilities in all of New Jersey to have the GE Discovery 530c nuclear camera available to its patients for cardiac nuclear imaging. This state-of-the-art technology offers lower radiation exposure and better quality images.

Patients will be under the camera for less time which decreases radiation exposure by almost 50%;  older technology needed 20 minutes for a scan, but the Discovery 530c can enable the physicians at AICD to perform a scan in as little as six minutes.

“We’re proud to be able to provide our patients with a better alternative,” said Robert Roberti, MD, FACC. “We’ve invested in this breakthrough technology with our patients’ safety and outcomes in mind. A nuclear stress test is an essential diagnostic tool, and this new equipment provides the cardiologist with more accurate results.”

The Discovery 530c, developed by General Electric, is open, eliminating any claustrophobia a patient may feel when getting a nuclear scan.   The equipment has the capability of taking multiple digital pictures at one time from different angles, making images clearer as neither the camera nor the patient has to move.

“With its more precise results, the Discovery 530c helps us carry out our mission: to provide our patients with the very best in cardiac care. “And, we can accomplish this with a safer, faster and more accurate test for our patients.” said Dr. Roberto Roberti.

This advanced diagnostic tool is available to all AICD patients; it is housed at the Springfield location, at 211 Mountain Avenue. To make an appointment with an AICD Cardiologist, please call 973-467-0005.

About Associates in Cardiovascular Disease:
The physician partners at Associates in Cardiovascular Disease are expert cardiologists serving the greater New Jersey area. The practice comprises sixteen physicians providing the best possible care for the heart. AICD’s experienced staff includes David N. Bartov, MD, FACC; Barry M. Cohen, MD, FACC; John P. Farry, MD, FACC; Robert D. Fishberg, MD, FACC; Steven K. Furer, MD, FACC; Sidney Glasofer, MD, FACC; Robert M. Kipperman, MD, FACC; Michael S. Lux, MD, FACC; Robert J. Mich, MD; David E. Powell, MD, FACC; Sanjiv Prasad, MD, FACC; Roberto R. Roberti, MD, FACC; Steven J. Sheris, MD, FACC; Elliott M Stein, MD, FACC; Vance J. Weber, MD, FACC; and Michael L. Weinrauch, MD, FACC.  AICD has seven convenient locations throughout New Jersey, in Springfield, Millburn, Warren, Scotch Plains, Clark, and New Providence. For more information, please visit Associates in Cardiovascular Disease at or call (973-467-0005).

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