Changing the Way We Deliver Care

All of us at AICD hope that you and your loved ones are safe and in good health as we all do our work to conquer COVID-19. We understand that you may be hesitant about visiting your doctor’s office for medically necessary care. Let me reassure you that your health and safety are our top priorities and that we have put stringent measures in place that allow you to be seen by our doctors in a safe and clean environment.

Medical care is a necessity. If you have postponed your medical care – a procedure, treatment for chronic conditions, or even a follow-up visit – we want to inform you that we have reconfigured both the office environment and processes with safety in mind, and we’re delivering health services with these new measures in place:

  • Express Check-in – New check-in procedures and an escort straight to your exam room.
  • Limited Contact  – We are following social distancing guidelines. We’ve spaced out patient visit time slots and restricted visitors to limit the number of people in our practices.
  • Universal Screening  – We are screening all patients and staff.
  • Clean Office Environment  – Masks are required for all patients and visitors.
  • Virtual Express Check Out  – There’s no need to stop on your way out. We will call you the next day to schedule your next visit or testing.
  • Telehealth Visits  – Many patients are choosing virtual visits with their AICD provider as a safe and effective alternative for timely, convenient care where appropriate.

Keeping you safe and healthy is the reason we come to work every day.

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