Below are a few articles that were featured in Overlook View Magazine.

  • Settling the Score

    Settling the Score

    Calcium scoring may be the best indicator yet to assess your risk of heart attack. Cholesterol, blood pressure, weight—you can probably tick off all of these statistics. But if you don’t know your calcium score, you may be skipping a beat with your heart health. “I was a mystery,” says Robert Swinarton of Kenilworth. The active

  • From Hand to Heart

    From Hand to Heart

    Interventional cardiologists are traveling a new pathway in the fight against coronary artery disease. Cardiac catheterization is the gold standard for defining the heart’s arteries and diagnosing blockages; a long,  thin tube is threaded through an artery or vein and into the heart, enabling a physician to visualize a blockage and open it with a balloon

  • A Modern Fix for a Broken Heart

    A Modern Fix for a Broken Heart

    Cardiac patients once considered too risky for  surgery are now being given another chance at life. If you could peer inside your heart, you would see that the valves are busy maintaining a steady rhythm—open, close, open, close—to pump blood throughout your body. But what happens when something interferes with that rhythm? In patients with