Personal Information:

Whom do I tell if my personal information or insurance has changed?
Please advise the front desk upon check in if there are any changes to your insurance/address/telephone number or primary care physician so it can be updated.

Am I responsible for my referrals from my primary physician?
Patients are responsible for getting referrals from their primary care physician when necessary. Referrals do expire so make sure they are valid for your appointment date.

Office Visits:

What do I bring with me?
Patients should bring their insurance card, list of medications and a referral if needed. If you have had recent blood work or previous cardiac records, please bring copies. If you have a copy of your medication formulary, it would be helpful for the cardiologist in choosing any new medication, which might be required.

Testing and Test Results:

When will I get results of my lab work?
The lab results are usually in the office within 48-72 hours. Your doctor will review the results and make recommendations before you receive a call from the nursing staff.

When will I get the results of my Nuclear Stress Testing, Echocardiograms and Vascular Studies?
The findings and necessary recommendations will be discussed with you at your next visit.

Do I take my medications before my Nuclear Stress Test?
Patients having a nuclear stress test need to be fasting 4 hours prior to the nuclear stress test and caffeine free for 24 hours prior. When your doctor orders your test, he will inform you if there are medications you should not take the day of the test. If medication is required during this time, it may be taken with a sip of water.

How do I get a copy of my lab results?
Patients should complete a “request form”, issued by the phlebotomist, at the time their blood is drawn. If the request form is completed, a copy of your lab results will be sent to your home and your referring physician.

You Do Not Feel Well:

I need an appointment the same day. I do not feel well.
Please call the office and speak to a nurse. If necessary, the nurse will schedule you for a visit with your physician or with our physician assistant/ nurse practitioner. Please do not walk-in to the office, as we need to plan for your visit and assure that the appropriate physician and staffs are available to care for you.

I have chest pain/shortness of breath. I was instructed to go to the Emergency Room. I would rather see my own doctor in the office.
The physicians at AICD have set guidelines for the nurses to follow regarding when to send a patient to the Emergency Room. These decisions are made with your best interests in mind. It is in the best interest of the patient to follow the instructions given to you by the nurse or physicians assistant/nurse practitioner.

Medication Refills & Samples:

How do I refill my medications?
Please ask for refills at the time of your appointment. If you need refills between visits, please call your pharmacy and they will submit the refill request to our office. Please allow 48 hours for the refill process.

When does AICD provide samples?
Patients are given samples if necessary at the time of their doctor visit. Samples are given to patients starting new medications. For those with ongoing financial need, we can provide you with information from the pharmaceutical companies that may help offset the cost of your prescribed medication.

Medical Records:

I need medical records sent to another facility or doctor. How long is the wait?
If you are requesting medical records for your own use or for their primary physician, please leave a message on the medical records voice mail.
If you are requesting copies of your full medical record for an insurance company or other similar purpose please submit your request in writing to our office. Unless it is urgent, please allow two weeks for the office to complete your request. There is a fee for copies over 5 pages. There is an additional fee for echo, vascular and nuclear images.

Pre-Op Clearance:

I am having surgery – how do I get clearance from my cardiologist?
If you are having surgery, ask your surgeon if you will require clearance from your cardiologist. Patients should call our office to schedule a pre-op visit at least two weeks before the surgery. This will allow our office time to provide our report to the surgeon and to perform any testing required. If you are a coumadin patient, please inform the coumadin nurse of your planned surgery.

Hospital Care:

If I need to go to the hospital, where will I be admitted?
Our physicians have privileges at Overlook Hospital, and Morristown Medical Center. Our interventional cardiologists perform the invasive procedures, such as stents and angioplasty.